forget the rules ǀ just be inspired

More than 900 shades to select

Ressource combines heritage and modernity, savoir-faire with innovation. Artisanal Expertise comes from the roots of the company. A great expertise in mineral pigments as well as its sensitivity to environmental issues, makes Ressource today a sustainable brand.

Ressource is a pioneering French high-end brand of decorative paints favoured by passionate interior professionals.

Through its core values of quality, authenticity and generosity, Ressource is a 100% French family house which unites a unique community of customers in their search for ethics and aesthetics, tradition and innovation.

The range invites you to select a shade, complement with colours in the corresponding collection or create your signature color palette. There is a paint for every project. Intensely matte, satin gloss, effect or metal paint are just a few. 

By using a simple to apply method you will be surprised by the beautiful effect.

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