forget the rules ǀ just be inspired

Handcrafted with love and respect for man and nature.  

Moon Palace has been designing and selecting exclusive decorative objects since 1985 in close collaboration with local crafts around the world. The most noble and delicate materials are reworked by hand with great attention to detail and finish. 

Skilled and dedicated artisans create with an eye for beauty timeless signature pieces for your interior.

Translucent horn and convex bone are new techniques to showcase your favourites. Shagreen leather clutches for love-at-first-sight  and mother-of-pearl transformed into photo/art/picture-frames to embrace your treasures. And more to boxes, lamp stands, and a fine selection of eclectic objects. Timeless objects that cross the seasons and are part of our daily lives.

Elegant Spiral table and colourful pieces are the latest must-haves.